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Teen Ettiquette


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Teen Etiquette

The First Meeting II: $60

This course is designed to instill confidence and increase self-esteem. Students will learn proper introductions, the importance of presenting their best self in public, the components of a good first impression, body language and maintaining good eye contact while communicating with others.


Introducing Others II: $55

Teens will master introducing adults, work/school superiors and dignitaries. Additionally, students will learn courteous language and proper titles. Course will cover beginning and maintaining conversations with new acquaintances, handling uncomfortable pauses, acceptable conversation, speaking with confidence and much more.


Polite Conversations II: $40

It takes courage to open yourself up to receiving new people. Through role playing, students will become comfortable with the do’s and don’ts of appropriate and polite conversation, giving/receiving compliments all while demonstrating charm and confidence.


Public Speaking II: 

The objective of this course is to develop strong communication, confidence and poise through public speaking. This course will cover (short) speech development, tone, pitch and audience engagement. Students will say good bye to anxiety and hello to self -confidence!


Teen Dining: $100

Master the sophistication of the formal dining setting!  Teens will learn to demonstrate the difference between American and Continental style dining, passing, napkin etiquette, guest and host duties, non-verbal communication, appropriate conversation and more.



Employment & You: $75

Achieve on the job success! This course will help students to prepare for job search, become familiar with interview techniques and learn employer expectations once hired.

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